10 Best Trusted Stock Forex Trading Apps 2023

 The best and most reliable trading apps are essential for investors to be able to easily trade and invest online. What is the list of the best trading apps 2022? We review these trading app options in this article. Not just stock apps, but also forex apps. Here is the list of the best and most trusted trading apps in 2022:

1. Indopremier Sekuritas IPOT

IndoPremier's stock online app is IPOT (IndoPremier Online Trading)'. PT Indo Premier Sekuritas (IndoPremier) is licensed by the Capital Market Regulatory Authority/Financial Services Authority (OJK) No. KEP-11/PM/PPE/1996 and can be called a financial supermarket as it offers many features: Buying and selling mutual funds, trading stocks, buying IPOs, and more, helping consumers invest in various vehicles.

Indopremier has branches not only in Jakarta but also in major cities such as IPOT Surabaya and IPOT Bandung. There is no minimum capital requirement to open a stock account at Indopremier. That's right, customers do not need to deposit funds to open an account. Indopremier IPOT shares have features that are suitable for investors who prefer to trade online, namely:

  • The dashboard and features on the IPOT app are easy to use and suitable for all investors, even beginners.
  • Provides complete and comprehensive technical analysis charts. These charts are very useful for investors to analyze price action and make day trades
  • Full financial data and financial statements per share are available, with history going back several years. Fundamental analysis of each stock is fully supported by IPOT data.
  • Integration with IPOTFUND Mutual Fund Supermarket. If idle funds are not used for stock trading, they can be temporarily transferred to money market funds and quickly withdrawn when needed. In this way, clients can earn substantial interest compared to balances parked in stock fund accounts that pay almost no interest (as they are placed in money market funds).
  • CS service via Telegram. Investors can contact during trading hours and get answers on the same day.

Indopremier Sekuritas CS Call Center at Pacific Century Place 16/F SCBD Lot 10, Jl.Jenderal Sudirman Kraft. 52-53, Jakarta 12190 Telp: +62 (21) 5088-7200 Available Account Options: Regular and Sharia Account Opening with No Minimum Initial Deposit: The fees are as follows:

  • Share redemption fee: 0.29% per trade
  • Share purchase fee: 0.19% per transaction

2. Mandiri Sekuritas Online MOST

PT Mandiri Sekuritas is licensed as a Securities Broker under the Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam) Law No. 16. No. 12 of 1992 and underwriting license through Bapepam Decree. No. 13 of 1992, and is registered and regulated by OJK. The Mandiri Sekuritas application is called PALING, Mandiri Sekuritas Online Transaction. PALING can be accessed through the website or downloaded as an application on your mobile phone. The MOST app is a pleasure to use.

There is nothing complicated. The features in MOST have been carefully designed to make it easy for even novice investors to use. For beginners who are afraid to start investing, Mandiri also provides a trial version of MOST, this tool allows you to experience stock trading for yourself without worrying about the risk of losing money. Features of Mandiri Sekuritas Online, Leading MOST:

  • Mandiri Sekuritas is the largest and most active state-owned security in the market.
  • Customer registration can be done online, just prepare your e-KTP, selfie with e-KTP and NPWP.
  • Mandiri Sekuritas has a complete portfolio of capital market investment products, namely: Conventional Equity, Sharia Equity, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Government Securities, as well as IPO offerings. A number of products help consumers diversify their investments.
  • The most complete collection of mutual funds, Mandiri Investasi not only provides various types of mutual funds but also other investment management companies.
  • Comprehensive face-to-face classroom training facility with 3 levels based on client understanding. 
  • Complete online training facility on Mandiri Sekuritas website.
  • Get daily updates on research findings and market and economic developments from Mandiri Sekuritas' experienced analysts.

When I opened Mandiri Sekuritas, I set up an investor fund account at Tabungan Bisnis Mandiri. For this reason, Mandiri Sekuritas requires customers to open a savings account at Bank Mandiri. The good news is that investors who have a personal account with Mandiri can top up and withdraw funds for free and faster. Mandiri Sekuritas stipulates that:

  • Account options are available: Regular, Sharia and Full Service
  • Minimum deposit for account opening: Rp 2,000,000 for student, Rp 5,000,000 for regular, Rp 100,000,000 for full service Mandiri Sekuritas Fees Differences in fees between regular and full service accounts.
  • Regular. Use app or web-based self-service trading (without broker assistance). Buy: 0.18% and Sell: 0,28%.
  • Full service. Combination of online and traditional (over the phone) stock trading services with broker assistance.

Purchase fee: 0.25% Selling: 0.35% It is important to note that Mandiri Sekuritas has a minimum fee, which means that no matter how small the number of shares traded, the minimum fee to buy or sell is Rp 5,000. MOST provides a dedicated chart menu that displays charts of stock movements from the exchange. Charts are essential for online trading as they are used as a basis for making stock buying and selling decisions. The facility has the following conditions:

  • Apply for margin trading facility and have been a client of Sekuritas for 3 months, then assessed and approved by Mandiri Sekuritas.
  • Initial deposit of at least Rp 200,000,000.00 for traded securities including marginable stocks
  • Transaction limit is (2.81 x cash) + (1.81 x portfolio). Fees charged for buying and selling transactions follow the regular account transaction fees.

3. CIMB Sekuritas

CIMB Sekuritas has the CGS-CIMB iTrade online trading application. The app is available for download on Playstore and Apple Store. There are many advantages to using CIMB iTrade, namely:

  • Easy to use so you can trade conveniently.
  • Free access to CIMB Group Asia Securities Analysis reports and Technical Analysis by leading analysts and economists.
  • Provides the convenience of trading securities anytime and anywhere.

iTrade provides various features to enable customers to trade stocks online in the best possible way. Advanced charts, more details and various chart models available such as Bar, Candlestick, Hollow Candle, Haikin Ashi, Lin, Area, Baseline. Users can access daily charts and historical charts. As well as tons of indicators such as EMA Cross, Ichimoku Cloud, MACD, Stochastic RSI, and many more. Stock Filter, investors can use the Stock Filter menu to sort stocks in the market according to technical analysis indicators.

Heatmaps, investors can understand the overall market condition through heatmaps. The displayed stocks are grouped by industry. The color of the stock area indicates the price change for the day, and the stock area can be compared by market capitalization, volume, value or frequency. Smart orders, which include various functions. Smart Order Portfolio is a system that automatically sends orders to the exchange if the trading price reaches the conditions we set before Buy - Smart Order is available 2 options, namely:

  • Stop loss keeps the matched order for the day, so you can sell at a loss if we specify and the validity period is 1 day.
  • Take profit keeps the orders that have been matched on that day, selling at a predetermined profit, and the validity period is 1 day.
  • When taking profit, there is only one price condition that determines when an order enters the market. This price can be entered directly. Meanwhile, there are 2 price options for market entry
  • At Price - orders that enter the market will use the price entered at the time of take profit.
  • Best Bid - Orders that enter the market will use the best bid.

If Min Cap is set, it will reach the minimum price limit. Potential investors have two choices. Open a traditional or online account. The general account opening process is:

  • Download, fill in and sign the account opening application form and complete the required documents.
  • Once the documents are filled and signed, please contact our customer service or your broker to submit the account opening and activation documents.
  • Identity Card (KTP) for Indonesian citizens
  • Valid passport for foreign nationals. For foreign nationals residing in Indonesia, they must provide a copy of their valid KITAS.
  • For mothers using their husband's NPWP, a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) in their own name or in their husband's name.

Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) for Foreign Nationals Cimb offers online share account opening which is claimed to be done within 1 day. The Cimb Securities Trading application can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Using a desktop on a PC or laptop by accessing the Cimb Securities Trading website. So, we don't need to download it to our PC/Laptop.
  • CGS-CIMB iTrade Cimb Sekuritas Mobile Application is available on PlayStore. Initial deposit of at least Rp. 1,000,000, - This initial deposit of funds will be recorded in the client's fund account.

4. Ajaib Sekuritas

Ajaib Sekuritas is an online stock trading application loved by the millennial generation. Recently, Ajaib claimed to have reached 1 million customers in just a few years. If the claim is true, it would be a remarkable achievement. Because so far the number of stock investors in Indonesia is very limited and the growth is slow. For beginner investors, especially millennials, Ajaib offers an attractive UX/UI user experience.

The app is easy to use and uncomplicated. The minimum capital is Rp 0, so potential investors can deposit any amount of capital depending on the value of the shares they want to buy. This is good news for students or classmates who just want to practice saving stocks. Instant top-up to Bank Permata RDN through any bank (ATM, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking). The RDN number is sent via email to the prospective investor as soon as the Ajaib App management approves the share account registration. Free withdrawal facility for Bank Permata accounts (withdrawals to other banks will be charged an LLG fee of IDR 2,500). Minimum withdrawal is only IDR 10,000.

Withdrawals before 15:00 on business days will be processed on the same day. Withdrawal from RDN to BCA bank account takes about 1 hour. Share account registration can be done entirely online and does not take long. Prospective investors do not need to send documents or negotiate with agents at the securities office. 

Simply download the application on the PlayStore and follow the program registration process. After all stages are completed, prospective investors only need to wait about 1x24 hours to be approved to open an account. Share trading fees range from 0.10%-0.08% depending on trading volume. This does not include 0.043% retribution (IDX, KPEI, KSEI), 10% VAT brokerage fee and 0.1% final income tax on sales transactions. Informative stock trading platform. Investors can select stocks independently or based on data and hot lists (top value, top gainer, top volume, etc) for each stock sector. Each issuer profile comes with basic statistics (EPS, PER, PBV, dividend yield, RoA, RoE, DER, NPM, etc), financial charts (balance sheet, cash flow, income statement), company action timeline and latest news. Access everything with one click

5. BNI Sekuritas

PT BNI Sekuritas was established on April 12, 1995 as a subsidiary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. which owns 75 percent of the shares. SBI Securities Co., Ltd. holds 25 percent of the shares. PT BNI Sekuritas is engaged in capital markets, including stock trading, bond trading, investment banking and asset management, and has a securities company business license number. At BNI, there are two types of stock trading facilities, online and hybrid. Online is a trading process carried out by customers themselves through the stock application without the assistance of the BNI Sekuritas office sales team. Hybrid is a transactional process with the help of sales The online account opening process at BNI Sekuritas by:

  • Data registration page: bnisekuritas.co.id/regonline Print, add a 6000 stamp and enter the required fields
  • Attach a photocopy of ID card and NPWP and send to: BNI Sekuritas, Sudirman Plaza, Indofood Tower 16th floor, Jl.Jenderal Sudirman Kav 76-78 Jakarta 12910
  • BNI Sekuritas will send an email stating that the account has been opened and can be used for stock trading.

BNI Sekuritas also offers Sharia accounts. Sharia accounts can only trade stocks included in the Sharia Securities List (DES) and do not have trade financing facilities (only customer funds can be used). The rules of stock trading at BNI Sekuritas are:

  • Minimum deposit of Rp 1 million (Rp 5 million for mixed deposit).
  • Share selling fee: 0.25% (no minimum fee)
  • Share purchase fee: 0.15% (no minimum fee)
  • Transactions can be done via cellphone and desktop/laptop with the esmart application. BNI Sekuritas' transaction fees make it the lowest cost securities, relatively low compared to other securities, especially in terms of share sales fees.

At BNI Sekuritas, stock account customers can buy and sell mutual funds automatically by filling out a form that is filled in together with stock account registration. By opening a mutual fund account, clients can deposit money into a mutual fund instead of withdrawing it if they don't want to invest in stocks. Funds can be withdrawn immediately if you need them later.